Globally Famous Songs That Were Sung in Spanish

There are a million songs that you can get to listen to while playing your online casino games. But, there are some songs that you probably did not know that have a little bit of a Spanish touch to them. And, music comes in so many different genres that you can get to listen to.
The Latin genre is getting quite popular right now. The coming in of Cardi B, Enrique, and the likes of Daddy Yankee has made it quite popular. This article is going to be giving you some songs that come with a little bit of Spanish.


There have been a lot of covers for this song. The original version of this song was released back in 2017 but it is still one of the most played Hispanic songs on the internet right now. The song has reached over 6 billion views on YouTube right now. The song was originally sung by Luis Fonsi alongside rapper Daddy Yankee. However there was a remake of the song that featured popular American Pop artiste Justin Bieber.


Enrique Iglesias has been in the music industry for a while now, his 2014. Originally, the song was written for a large variety of artists and also comes with a Cuban version. Enrique went on and took the song and instantly made it a hit. After that he also went on to do a remake that had English lyrics which featured the famous Sean Paul.

Mi Gente

Mi Gente is a song that was sung by J Balvin and Willy William. The title of the song is Spanish for “My People.” The song was released back in 2017 by Scorpio Music and Universal Music Latin. And after that, a remix was made featuring the Queen of R&B Beyonce. Overall, the song was doing really well on the music charts. And, if you want to dance to the song, there are a lot of tutorials that you can get to watch on YouTube as well.

Vida Loca

Black Eyed peas has been quiet for a while, they all tried their solo careers but they had to come back together for one more hit, Vida Loca. The song is currently a Tik Tok trend and was released earlier this year. The song features Nicky Jam and Tyga and has quite a bomb of a video that you can get to stream on YouTube as well.

Danza Kuduro

This song was an anthem worldwide after its release back in 2011. The song topped so many charts and helped put Don Omar and Lucenzo on the map. He also went on to do a remix with Daddy Yankee as well. If you do not know the song you can also get to watch it on one of the fast and furious movies, Fast 5.
On the Floor
Jennifer Lopez is the most popular female Latino in the entertainment industry. Her song On the Floor was released back in 2011 and is still making noise. The song is not fully in Spanish but you can get to pick up one or two lines.