Monday, January 9, 2012 12:08 PM
According to data collected at the City Council’s weather station, which is now eight months old, and data cannot yet be compared with other years, December has been a warmer and drier year, as it seems to be in January. The average temperature was 11.5 º (in the observatories of the region 1º above normal) and 8.8 mm of accumulated precipitation. The atmospheric pressure has been high, more than 1,030 hPa since the anticyclone of the Assores has been located on top of the peninsula and it seems that this will also be the norm for January.


 As for 2011 and since April that the station is in operation we have 341 mm of rain (in just eight months being November the heaviest rainfall with 110.8 mm, the maximum temperature in August was 40, 9 º and the minimum in December of 1.1º.



Average temperature: 11.5º C

Maximum monthly temperature: 24.4 (day 31)

Average temperature of the highs: 17.6 º C

Minimum monthly temperature: 1.1º C (day 19)

Average temperature of the lows: 7.1º C


Average wind speed: 4.3 km / h

Maximum monthly gust: 74 km / h

dominant speed .: SO


Monthly precipitation: 8.8 mm

Days of appreciable precipitation: 2

Inappreciable precipitation days: 2