Tuesday, January 10, 2012 11:26 AM

The sold-out poster was hung 

The SEM Sta. Cecilia de L’Olleria managed to hang the poster of sold out tickets in the concert she performed last Saturday “Remembering Nino Bravo “. The SEM of L’Olleria put on the music while the voices were provided by Felipe Garpe and Javier Esteban, from the production company Infinity, who knew how to excite the audience with the interpretation of some of the most well-known songs of the Aiel singer.

Throughout the concert there were classics such as cartas amarillas, libre, Noelia or esa será mi casa, which received numerous applause from the dedicated audience that packed the Goya Theater in the town.

In addition, the concert did not lack images of the singer through which the professional trajectory of the singer was reviewed. Among the audience were the mayor, José Vidal, the councilor for culture, Jesús Engo among other members of the corporation as well as the singer’s eldest daughter, Amparo Ferri and Nino Bravo’s brother-in-law, Manuel Martínez, who at the end of the concert highlighted the great quality of the SEM Sta. Cecilia which was directed by Pere Molina.

The mayor, José Vidal congratulated the entire SEM for “the success achieved this afternoon, not only for having sold all the tickets but for the magnificent interpretation of the songs making clear once again its great quality and professionalism” also the Councilor for Culture, Jesús Engo congratulated “all its members, president, director and musicians for their obstinacy and effort in this show, so much work has received its reward and have made us excited this evening.”

For his part, Manolo Cerdà, president of the SEM Sta. Cecilia expressed her satisfaction “not only for being able to work on this project but for being able to take it to L’Olleria” adding that “we are very happy because the public has responded extraordinarily and all the tickets have been sold”. 

Pere Molina, director of the SEM Sta. Cecilia said minutes before the start of the concert that “all the musicians are very excited about this project which involves a lot of responsibility as we perform songs well known to the public so we have all worked hard to make this evening a great success.” .

The concert that began at seven in the afternoon ended with a loud applause and the audience standing, who asked the singers to end the famous song by Nino Bravo, libre.